Windmills 2449 Chambers Road · St. Louis, MO 63136 · (314) 868-2433     
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Mayor Michele DeShay

                                  Phone:  (314) 868-2433 ext. 712

                                  Fax:       (314) 868-2590

                                  email: mdeshay@molineacres.org



On behalf of the elected officials, welcome to the City of Moline Acres, Missouri.  We thank you for viewing our website.  Our goal is aimed at ensuring our city's future viability while maintaining the traditional character of our family-oriented neighborhood.


Our city's motto is "City with a Vision".  The future of our city is on the minds of the elected officials.  We are working with St. Louis County and sustainable neighborhoods to bring about the  improvements the residents have said they want to see.   


Stay in tuned with the city's events and activities by checking out the website and marquee.  If there is anything that our city officials or staff can assist you with, please feel free to contact us.

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