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Ordinance 2002 CARE Agreement

Ordinance 2003 Employee Handbook

Ordinance 2004 Sewer Lateral Repair Program

Ordinance 2005 Amendment Agreement w/St. Louis County - Debris Removal

Ordinance 2006 Monthly Board Mtg Time Change

Ordinance 2007 Ameren Gross Receipt Tax

Ordinance 2008 Agreement w/St. Louis County - Subscriber Radio System

Ordinance 2009 Agreement w/Curtis, Heinz, Garrett & O'Keefe, P.C.

Ordinance 2010 Agreement w/MODOT

Ordinance 2011 Agreement w/Duke Legal LLC

Ordinance 2012 Agreement w/Voicepro 

Ordinance 2013 Agreement w/Securus Technologies

Ordinance 2014 Retainer Litigation for AT&T Lawsuit 

Ordinance 2015 Safety Camera Enforcement

Ordinance 2016 Human Signs

Ordinance 2017 Amending Traffic Enforcement

Ordinance 2018 General Obligation Street Bonds

Ordinance 2019 Agreement w/American Traffic Solutions

Ordinance 2020 Agreement w/Cochran Engineering City Wide Pavement

Ordinance 2021 Agreement w/MODOT Berwyn Project

Ordinance 2022 Agreement w/Cochran Engineering Monarch Project

Ordinance 2023 Approving 2014 Budget




Table of Contents 2012 


Ordinance 1076 CARE Agreement

Ordinance 1077 Purchase of Real Property

Ordinance 1078 Purchase of Real Property

Ordinance 1079 Land Disturbance 

Ordinance 1080 Enforcement of Land Disturbance Codes

Ordinance 1081Explosives Code 

Ordinance 1082 Amendment of Contractural Agreement with STL County 

Ordinance 1083 Agreement with Waste Management

Ordinance 1084 Traffic Safety Cameras

Ordinance 1085 Agreement with Complete Auto

Ordinance 1086 Proposed Sales Tax Increase

Ordinance 1087 Proposed Sales Tax Increase

Ordinance 1088 Storm Water
Ordinance 1089 Fund Balance Policy

Ordinance 1090 Investment Policy

Ordinance 1091 Window Air Conditioning/Heating Units 

Ordinance 1092 Emergency Notification System

Ordinance 1093 Capitalization Policy 

Ordinance 1094 Police Dept. Salary Increase

Ordinance 1095 Auto Repair & Fuel Agreement with STL County

Ordinance 1096 Wireless Home Alarm Permit

Ordinance 1097 Sale of City Property

Ordinance 1098 Bond Counsel Agreement

Ordinance 1099 Agreement with Cochran

Ordinance 2000 2013 Budget Approval

Ordinance 2001 April 2, 2013 Election Bond Issue Proposal 





Table of Contents 2011 


Ordinance 1060 Delinquent Fees for Business Licenses 

Ordinance 1061 Mosquito Control 

Ordinance 1062 CARE Agreement 

Ordinance 1063 Employee Handbook 

Ordinance 1064 Restricting Cooking To Behind A Structure 

Ordinance 1065 Restricting the Sale & Display Of Goods to Inside A Structure

Ordinance 1066 Contract for Debris Removal  

Ordinance 1067 Ethics Commission Conflict of Interest

Ordinance 1068 Repeal Ordinance 997 Business License Fees

Ordinance 1069 Repeal Ordinance 997 New Graduated Tax Rate

Ordinance 1070 MODOT Agreement - Red Light Cameras

Ordinance 1071 Lease Agreement for Software in Courts & Public Works

Ordinance 1072 Community Development Block Grant Amendment

Ordinance 1073 Ameren Utility Tax Rate Increase

Ordinance 1074 2012 Budget Approval

Ordinance 1075 Treasurer Salary Adjustment



Table of Contents 2009

Table of Contents 2010


Ordinance 1008 Adopting Code of Ordinance Book 

Ordinance 1009 Prosecutor Contract 

Ordinance 1010 Municipal Judge Contract 

Ordinance 1011 Salary Ranges for Positions 

Ordinance 1012 City Clerk/City Administrator Position 

Ordinance 1013 Amended Salary Ranges for Positions 

Ordinance 1014 Outside Vendors 

Ordinance 1015 Solid Waste Disposal 

Ordinance 1016 Computer Assisted Report Entry (CARE) Agreement 

Ordinance 1017 Financial Advisor Contract 

Ordinance 1018 Elected Officials Monthly Compensation 

Ordinance 1019 Window Apparel 

Ordinance 1020 Screen/Storm Door and Window Repairs 

Ordinance 1021 Removal of Personal Property after Eviction 

Ordinance 1022 Setting Speed Limits within City 

Ordinance 1023 Privacy Fences 

Ordinance 1024 Unifund Agreement 

Ordinance 1025 Warrant Cancellation Fee Increase 

Ordinance 1026 Demonstrating Prohibited 

Ordinance 1027 Yard Waste at Curb 

Ordinance 1028 Junk/Derelict Vehicles upon Private or Public Property  

Ordinance 1029 Waste Managment Contract 

Ordinance 1030 Provisional Prosecting Attorney 

Ordinance 1031 Amending Ordinance 355.110 Parking Commercial Vehicles  

Ordinance 1032 Vehicle Repairs on Private or Public Property 

Ordinance 1033 AT&T Mobility 

Ordinance 1034 Missouri Ethics Commission 

Ordinance 1035 AT&T Landline Agreement 

Ordinance 1036 Agreement with St. Louis County Automobile Repair and Fuel  

Ordinance 1037 ACTS Towing Service Agreement 

Ordinance 1038 Community Hall Rental Rates

Ordinance 1039 Insurance Broker

Ordinance 1040 2010 Final Budget

Ordinance 1041 Inmate Housing Contract

Ordinance 1042 CARE Agreement

Ordinance 1043 St. Louis Bank Lease Agreement

Ordinance 1044 Prosecting Attorney Contract

Ordinance 1045 Internet Service Agreement

Ordinance 1046 Bid Process and Procedures

Ordinance 1047 Transfer of Property

Ordinance 1048 Lease Agreement with St. Louis Bank

Ordinance 1049 T-Mobile Settlement Agreement

Ordinanance 1050 Window Treatments 

Ordinance 1051 Elevators/Escalators Inspecition Agreement w/County

Ordinance 1052 Code Enforcement Agreement w/County

Ordinance 1053 Storm Doors

Ordinance 1054 Inspection Codes

Ordinance 1055 Automobile Repairs in Enclosed Structures

Ordinance 1056 Unregistered Vehicles

Ordinance 1057 2011 Budget Approval

Ordinance 1058 Board Ups of Windows, Doors, or Opening of a Structure

Ordinance 1059 Tow Release Fees Increase

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