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Moline Acres Police Department


The Mission of this department is to enforce the law, maintain the peace, protect life and property, and promote the quality of life in Moline Acres. To accomplish this mission, we depend upon a partnership among citizens, elected officials, and city employees. Every one of us in this Police Department are what makes the difference between a good organization and an excellent one. This Department adopts the following values:


I. We value both personal and organizational integrity. Honest government is our first responsibility.


II. We value teamwork as an essential component of organizational effectiveness.


III. We value the spirit of professionalism.


IV. We value a humane organization.


V. We value the constitutional, civil, and human rights of all citizens.


VI. We value service to our community.


We are proud of the Moline Acres Police Department, its employees, and the service we provide.




A Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is available to Moline Acres residents, through the Moline Acres Police Department.  CIT covers topics on:


Recognizing Mental Illness

Cultural Diversity

Suicide Intervention

Resources Available

Hospital Procedures

Tactical Communications




For more information and additional assistance, contact Detective-Sergeant

David L. BoBo via  e-mail, or at (314) 868-2433, ext. 711.







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